UEFA Country Ranking 2010 match Italy Germany for the 3rd place

Here is the last update of the key article of the blogal on the evolution single step, match after match, after the indication UEFA and its incidence on the number of places in Champions' League and Europa Ligue the next season.


Let us begin by reminding the majorities on the subject:


1-How do we calculate the indication UEFA of countries?



2-In what serves the indication UEFA as countries?



( That also serves to discuss the French team of football, recurring subject of this blog: http://blogal.over-blog.com/article-35333749.html)


3-What was the classification of departure of the season?

From the season, by depriving of the coefficient 2009 the points of the season 2004-2005, we obtain the following classification:


1 England          63.9 points distance 25 with regard to France;

2 Spain             61,8      23

3 Italy               48,9      10

4 Germany        46,1      7

5 FRANCE      38,7

6 Russia            37,6      1

7 Ukraine          33,7      5

8 Rumania         33,4      5

9 Portugal         28,3      10

10 Netherlands  27,1     12


Thus 2,8 points of distance between Italy and Germany for this FAMOUS 3rd place meaning

4 places in Champions' League. And 10,2 points to be caught up for France!!!


Today 19/03, the next day of 100 % elimination of the French clubs in Europa Ligue (Lille and Marseille), I modified the title: there is the real opportunity for Germany to come to take the third place. And no chance for France!

Even if Bordeaux and Lyon are 1st and 2nd in the classification by points UEFA this season this day, at first they will meet in the next tour, thus certainly there will be one in semi-final but not two (but not zero either!), and especially the Germans have another three clubs in running in both cups, and Italians only one.


To date (detail below), Germany caught up 1,75 points on 2,8 and has big chances to mark still points thanks to her three clubs. Italy has just one more but a lucky one! CSKA Moscow was a priori the "easier" 8 ¼ finalists.


Here are thus all the figures updated for these three countries:


                         Hurt      Average

1           Germany           6 teams                          94.5     15.750

10         Bayern München       CL        19.0     still in running

15         VfB Stuttgart            CL        18.5      

17         Werder Bremen        EL        17.0      

20         VfL Wolfsburg          EL        16.0     still in running

29         Hamburger SV          EL       15.0      still in running

52         Hertha BSC              EL       9.0         



                         Hurt      Average

4           France              6 teams                85.0      14.166

          Girondins Bordeaux  CL        25.0     still in running

2           Olympic Lyon          CL         24.0     still in running

25         Lille OSC                EL         16.0       

31         Olympic Marseille    EL        14.0      

68         Toulouse FC            EL          6.0        

204       Forward Guingamp   EL         0.0        


                         Hurt      Average

5           Italy     7 teams                          98.0     14.000

5           Fiorentina          CL         22.0      

6           Internazionale    CL         21.0     still in running

19         AC Milan          CL        16.0       

27         Juventus             EL        15.0      

38         As Roma           EL        12.5       

65         Genoa               EL          6.5         

75         Lazio Roma       EL          5.0         



And the boards of ¼:


Champions' League:


Go on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010, Return Tuesday, April 6th, 2010           

                        Go       Return            

Lyon                 30/03  06/04    Bordeaux        

Bayern Munich  30/03  06/04    Manchester United

Arsenal             30/03    06/04  FC Barcelona

Inter Milan        30/03    06/04  CSKA Moscow         



Europa Ligue:

 Go on Thursdays April 1st 2010, Return Thursday, April 8th, 2010           

                          Go       Return            

Fulham              01/04    08/04  VfL Wolfsburg            

Valencia CF      01/04    08/04  Atletico Madrid            

Hamburg SV     01/04    08/04  Standard of Liège   

Benfica              01/04    08/04  Liverpool FC  


The series is to be followed on the BLOG@L, the suspense is for its height...





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