Communiqué TEPCO sur Fukushima Daiichi tranche 3 du 14/03

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At approximately 11:01am, an explosive sound followed by white smoke occurred at the reactor building of the Unit 3. It was believed to be a hydrogen explosion. According to the parameter, it is estimated that the reactor containment vessel remains intact. However, the status of the plant and the impact of radioactive materials to the outside environment are presently under investigation. (previously announced) As of 12:00 am, 4 TEPCO employees and 2 workers of related companies have sustained injuries (all of them are conscious) and ambulances are on their way to care for them. As of 11:44 am, the measured value of radiation dose near MP6 is 20μSv/h and the radiation level remains stable. TEPCO continues to take all measures to restore the safety and security of the site and are monitoring the site's immediate surroundings.


Commentaires du BLOGaL Comme sur la tranche 1, la procédure de dépressurisation du circuit primaire a fonctionné correctement mais l'hydrogène dégagé dans le bâtiment réacteur a entrainé une explosion qui a endommagé le bardage de protection du bâtiment (qui n'a pas de rôle de protection "nucléaire"), mais, selon les autorités japonaises, l'enceinte de confinement n'a pas été endommagé par cette explosion. Rappelons que l'explosion s'est produite à l'extérieur de l'enceinte de confinement.

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